Caravane + Venice Biennale


The Majlis, an architectural project of Caravane Earth, is a temporary bamboo and textile structure exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021. The Majlis also features an exhibition inside the Abbey of San Giorgio, presenting the people and materials involved in its construction and highlighting the exchange between East and West.

We have designed a website to accompany Caravane Foundation at the event. It serves as a guide to the exhibition as well as showcases and reflects Caravane's architectural approach, values and ideas. The website also features participating artists, partners and sponsors of the exhibition and includes an open call to engage visitors with Caravane movement.

The Majlis at Venice Biennale
The Majlis at Venice Biennale

The Majlis — Exhibition Plan

Team — Simón Vélez

The Majlis at Venice Biennale

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The Majlis at Venice Biennale

The website is designed with straigtforward UX and is fully responsive. The mobile version provides key information about the exhibition, events, and logistics.

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